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Continuing her mission to help build a clean water center on Puná, a rural island off the coast of Ecuador, Eljuri is releasing a live track from the Puná Water Center Benefit Concert at The Bowery Electric in New York. 
Cecilia Villar Eljuri describes the song as “a classic reggae tune infused with my latin flavor.  The lyrics empower us to reach out to help others, fight oppression and move towards change.  This live recording really grooves and captures the energy of the Benefit Concert which kicked off my campaign to raise money to build a clean water center with Water Ecuador.”

Cecilia and Alex Harding, the founder of Water Ecuador, met in 2008 when both were starting out —Cecilia to write and perform her own music on a global stage as a solo artist and Alex to spread good health by providing access to clean water throughout Ecuador. Since then they have supported each other's visions, leading to this initiative to build a water center on Isla Puná. Water Ecuador, focused on solutions to comprehensively address the global water crisis, runs six sustainable water centers in rural Ecuador that provide clean water to over 2,000 people daily.  www.WaterEcuador.org

Eljuri is an Ecuadorian singer-songwriter who is touted as one of the top Latina guitarists in the world. Her message of empowerment motivates a diverse audience from young children, to a vibrant youth and seasoned music lovers of all ages and cultures.  www.eljurimusic.com

Empuja (En Vivo)

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